We offer a large variety of colors and distinctive shapes to choose from for a memorial. We can help you create a memorial that is specific to your needs and the design that you are looking for that embodies the memory of your loved one.


Valley Monuments specializes in this service. We do all of our own engraving and always match the style and craftsmanship that is already on the monument.


As we do with monuments, the same applies with markers in which we have a variety of colors and designs. We also provide bronze markers and designs for a different look.


Valley Monuments has the ability to provide beautiful hand crafted carvings and sculptures as well as laser etchings that create life like portraits and scenes.


A great service that we provide to our customers to keep their memorial looking clean and as new as the day it was set. We will go out to the cemetery to power wash and chemically clean the stone. Our team also offers restoration to your monument as a cleaning service.


We offer a huge variety of landscape granite which includes great ideas for dressing up your home or business, such occasions as Mother’s and Father’s day or as a house warming gift. Products include granite mailbox posts, lamp posts, benches, boulders, and granite signs. Each product can be engraved and have a personal design added to them.


We offer a large selection of accessories for all of your granite needs. Some of our products include wreath hangers, floral arrangement holders, planters, flag mounts, vases, and candles. Please call or visit us with any questions regarding our products or services.


Columbarium are becoming increasingly popular due to many people are choosing to be cremated as well as limited space available at most cemeteries. We offer a wide range of columbarium to suit your needs. They can come in a standard format or be customized to number of niches, color or shape. We can also handle the engraving of the niches.